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Ah, "year in review" campaigns! It's that time of year again - virtual time capsules are flooding our feeds and inboxes. Whether it's Strava showing us our sporting escapades (didn't I do well?!), Spotify or Deezer revealing our (questionable?!) taste in music, Zoe (Science & Nutrition) telling us what we've been eating (healthy and nutritious, of course!), or Ocado breaking down our grocery shopping habits (who knew I loved pomegranates that much!), these annual throwbacks have become a digital tradition.

Deezer Year in Review

They're the ultimate highlight reel of your finest moments and quirky habits curated by algorithms.

A bustling array of achievements, shared memories, and experiences that people can relate to. You can understand why they're popular and can go viral quickly. After all, who doesn't love a bit of nostalgia and the collective joy of reminiscing?

Strava Year in Review

Let's talk data for a minute. It's the unsung hero behind these personalised year-end campaigns. Good customer data is the critical link that transforms these campaigns into coherent, visually stunning, masterpieces. Not having good customer data is like having a jigsaw puzzle without the full picture. You end up with a collage that has no meaning and doesn't resonate with your customers.

Datitude's Year in Review

As we prepare to wrap up 2023, we couldn't resist celebrating the magic of "year in review" campaigns by presenting our year in blogs! We've crunched the numbers on our most-read blogs this year and these are the top 10:

We love the fact this includes a diverse mix of news (about our clients, partners, and team) and technology and data insights.

Here's to all the good memories from 2023 and the promise of more great blogs in 2024!

Stay tuned as we publish content throughout the year to help and inspire you to get more out of your data, and provide more insights into Datitude including our team, data platform, data architecture, data solutions expertise, and clients.

Have a brilliant end to the year!


About Datitude

Datitude helps businesses connect, integrate, and unify their data. We make complex data simple!

Our managed data platform and services provide the framework for businesses to get what they need from their data, when they need it, in the format needed. A true single source of truth. No data silos.


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