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This is the first of a three-part series on direct mail. You can read the other two blogs by clicking on these links.

Direct mail is enjoying a resurgence for good reason. At a time when it’s getting harder (and more expensive) to cut through email fatigue and other forms of digital advertising, an integrated “phygital” marketing strategy is more likely to drive results.

Direct mail can be a highly effective marketing tool for new customer acquisition, reactivating dormant customers, and increasing the lifetime value of existing customers. It also provides additional opportunities to engage with recipients through email, text, and in-person whilst the direct mail campaign is running; increasing conversion and average order values.

Statistics & graphics showing the resurgence of direct mail

In the age of data-driven marketing, direct mail can reign supreme by;

  • aiding brand and product discovery, being memorable, and building trust through a tangible experience

  • reaching a wider audience with a higher propensity to buy

  • having the highest attention rate of any media and generating higher read and response rates

  • unifying omnichannel – enhancing digital activity, boosting engagement, encouraging physical footfall, and improving the overall customer journey

  • driving direct sales.

It’s also easy to test, track and measure. Plus, with the right technology, campaign results can be analysed in near-real-time as soon as a catalogue lands on the doormat.

Why direct mail can reign supreme - response rates, ROI and engagement rates

How to Maximise your Marketing Impact with Direct Mail

The success of any marketing campaign, including direct mail, depends on the quality of your data, how well you know your target audience, and how quickly you can see and act upon results. Our second blog in this series covers our top tips for optimising direct mail campaigns.

If you're looking to get more from your investment in direct mail with sophisticated targeting strategies, game-changing analysis at speed and complete control of your campaign performance, check out Datitude's direct mail optimisation and analysis solution.


About Datitude

Datitude is transforming how businesses connect, integrate, and unify their data. Whilst we made our name in omnichannel working with many retailers and brands over many years, as data experts we provide managed data platforms and solutions to a diverse range of businesses who need better access to their data and valuable intelligence and actionable insight they can trust.

Solutions for retailers and brands include systems integration, retail & customer data platform, and direct mail optimisation and analysis. Make your data work for you without having to master the underlying technology.


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