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In this three-part blog series, we've been looking at why direct mail is enjoying a resurgence, how it can be a highly effective marketing tool, and ways to optimise DM campaigns to deliver a strong return on investment. You can read the first two blogs in the series by clicking on these links.

In this final part, we're covering Datitude's direct mail optimisation and analysis solution. Well, we can't talk about DM and not mention it! It's targeted to perfection for marketers wanting to improve their investment decisions in direct mail and have complete control of their campaign performance.

Photo of people looking at direct mail catalogues and target icons

If you're serious about direct mail, here's why you should choose Datitude's direct mail optimisation and analysis solution.

1. More Intelligent Campaign Planning

  • a real-time view of ALL customer and transaction data models, including rich RFM segmentation, to select and target audiences

  • remove guesswork from promotions with propensity to buy insights

  • better lookalike profiles to improve cold data selections

  • robust control and A/B test groups in place to measure incremental uplift and campaign effectiveness.

2. Fully Automated Processes for Campaign Execution

  • data automatically de-duped, validated and checked for suppression

  • mailing files (including cold files, swap selections, control, and A/B test, groups) sent directly to the print house based on your brief

  • personalised (and single-use) promotion codes integrated for use in any channel​.

3. Cross-Channel Campaigns Easily Accommodated

  • email campaign files generated to ensure cohesive communications across DM and email to enable marketing from all angles and cross-channel A/B testing

  • store and customer service teams can easily look up promo codes for recipients.

Datitude Direct Mail Campaign Dashboard example

4. Advanced Analytics and Actionable Insights Without Data Lags

  • visibility of results as soon as the day after the campaign lands

  • all the insights needed to understand performance pre-configured in Tableau and Datitude's proprietary application

  • view campaign performance by every conceivable attribute including segmentation, drop, cover, offer, and source of data

  • make changes on the fly, better-informed decisions according to demand (and supply!) and keep customers engaged with more personalised (re-) targeting and communications whilst the campaign is live

  • remove guesswork around campaigns by testing different strategies, analyse response rates and uplift in average order values, assess what works, what doesn't, and how best to optimise order volumes, values and ROI.

5. More Accurate Attribution & ROI

  • sophisticated data modeling and superior, unbiased, match-back capabilities increase confidence in targeting decisions and direct mail performance across all channels

  • trusted, impartial third-party attribution - essential for validating multiple claims for the same customer.

Are you ready to revolutionise how you build, analyse and optimise DM campaigns with Datitude's market-leading direct mail solution?




About Datitude

Datitude is transforming how businesses connect, integrate, and unify their data. Our managed data platforms provide the unifying framework (data integration hub, data lakehouse and analytics tools and applications) to enable businesses to get what they need from their data, when they need it, in the format needed. A true single source of truth for everything. No silos.

Whilst we made our name in omnichannel working with many retailers and brands over the years, as data experts we provide data solutions to a diverse range of businesses who need better access to their data and valuable intelligence and actionable insight they can trust.

Solutions for retailers and brands include systems integration, a retail & customer data platform, and direct mail optimisation and analysis. Make your data work for you without having to master the underlying technology.


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