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Image of laptop, multi channel marketing icons and a verified sign for Datitude's Dotdigital integration

At Datitude, we believe insight should drive action - and that the best decisions are made when an organisation’s data is easily accessible and understood – unrestricted by data silos, legacy IT systems, organizational structures, resources, or skill sets.

It’s the reason Datitude’s managed data platform provides the unifying framework (data integration hub, data lakehouse, and analytics applications and tools) to automatically integrate data and analytics, all in one place and in real-time. A true single source of truth for everything. No silos.

Source data can include any, and all, sources, both on- and offline, including store POS systems, ecommerce platforms, ERP and merchandising systems, CRM systems, clienteling and loyalty systems, as well as ESP, marketing automation and customer data platforms.

As a result, Datitude works with a number of trusted partners and has inbuilt integrations for the most popular retail, ecommerce and martech systems. This includes Dotdigital of course.

About Dotdigital

Dotdigital logo

Dotdigital’s easy-to-use customer experience and data platform helps digital marketers deliver communications across the customer journey. It harnesses the power of customer data, automating predictive cross-channel messages to power engagement, conversion, and loyalty for brands as they grow and scale.

Datitude x Dotdigital Integration

We’re thrilled to announce our verified integration with Dotdigital! It’s the perfect match for powering more personalised and results-boosting cross-channel marketing campaigns across email, SMS, social messaging and direct mail.

"Datitude’s integration with Dotdigital makes it even easier for marketers to identify revenue generating insights and send the right message through the right communication channel to the right customer, prospect and lookalike at the right time. We’re already seeing marketers leverage all their data across both platforms to create impactful and engaging marketing experiences and drive even more value from their tech stack." James McLaughlan, Chief Operating Officer at Datitude

Joint clients benefit from seamless systems integration and a simplified flow of high-quality, enriched data to turbocharge performance.

Datitude Managed Data Platform - Overview of Key Retail & Ecommerce Systems Integrations & Data flows, including Dotdigital

Mutual clients can easily sync data between platforms to send highly personalised marketing communications using the most sophisticated selection and targeting capabilities via multiple channels. It's also easy to share dynamic content and enroll contacts on a tailored marketing journey based on how and when they interact with their brand. And they access all the insights needed to understand performance across all channels, in real-time and with superior, unbiased, match-back analysis.

“Data is key to creating marketing that converts. This latest integration with Datitude is a gamechanger for our joint clients. I’m excited to see how they bring the platforms together to engage their audiences with tailor-made marketing experiences.” Julia Neuhold, Head of Product Marketing at Dotdigital

Key Use Cases for Datitude’s Dotdigital Integration

With Datitude’s Dotdigital integration, retailers can plan, execute and analyse cross-channel marketing campaigns to deliver better results by using real-time customer and trading data and more sophisticated data selection and targeting strategies. And with advanced analytics, it’s easy to understand and improve campaign ROI with intelligent match-back analysis.

Here are a few examples of how to utilise Datitude’s Dotdigital integration.

Use Case #1 – More Intelligent Campaign Planning

Target icon
  • Using a real-time view of all customer and transaction data models, data can be sliced and diced with endless possibilities to segment and select data (taking advantage of our extensive suite of pre-built data models for retail and ecommerce)

  • More intelligent selection and targeting decisions can be made; eg. focusing on more loyal, higher value customers more likely to purchase, eliminating spend on disengaged recipients, and understanding the correlation between discounts and response rates to determine offers

  • Dynamic groups, segments and cohorts can be created within Datitude’s platform for export and tagging used directly in Dotdigital.

Use Case #2Cross-Channel Promotion Codes to Get Personal and Boost the Customer Experience

Cross Channel Promotion Code icon
  • Datitude’s platform enables personalised (and single use) promo codes to be used in any campaign and channel (on and offline)

  • It enables recipients to choose the best purchase channel for them, and store and customer service teams can easily look up codes in their systems for recipients to use

  • Superior, unbiased, match back analysis provides full visibility of the customer and campaign performance.

Use Case #3 – Direct Mail Solution for Unmatched Optimisation & Analytics Capabilities

Direct mail icon
  • Datitude offers a complete solution for DM campaign planning and analysis, including fully automated processes for campaign execution

  • Cross-channel campaigns are easily managed with email campaign files generated by Datitude to ensure cohesive communications across DM, email, SMS and social. It enables marketing from all angles and cross-channel A/B testing

  • Insights needed to understand performance across all channels in real-time enable personalised (re-) targeting and communications to be activated whilst the campaign is live

  • More accurate cross-channel Marketing KPIs (including attribution, cost, ROAS, lifetime ROI) with a wider variety of business rules applied to match back analysis.

Use Case #4 – Robust Omnichannel Subscription Management and Analysis

Subscribe button icon
  • Datitude’s platform automatically integrates opt-in and out data from all sources, with changes automatically checked, validated and updated

  • Clients can directly manage subscriber acquisition, marcom preferences and suppression from all and any channel using Datitude’s Subscriber Centre.

  • Powerful intelligence on how subscribers are responding to marketing across all channels, and the impact on LTV and segmentation, vs non-subscribers.

If you’d like to find out more about Datitude’s Dotdigital integration or are looking to integrate a new marketing automation platform, talk to us on 020 3003 5000 or email


About Datitude

Datitude is transforming how businesses connect, integrate, and unify their data. Our managed data platforms provide the unifying framework (data integration hub, data lakehouse and analytics tools and applications) to enable businesses to get what they need from their data, when they need it, in the format needed. A true single source of truth for everything. No silos.

Whilst we made our name in omnichannel working with many retailers and brands over the years, as data experts we provide data solutions to a diverse range of businesses who need better access to their data and valuable intelligence and actionable insight they can trust.

Solutions for retailers and brands include systems integration, a retail & customer data platform, and direct mail optimisation and analysis. Make your data work for you without having to master the underlying technology.


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