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If you’re fed up with flying blind on markdowns, eroding brand value, and losing out unnecessarily to your competitors, you need Margin Guardian’s unique data insights platform and targeting services. Its technology is genius; addressing a real need for both consumers and retailers.

Margin Guardian certainly know a thing or two about retail and tech!

Photo of Margin Guardian's Executive Team

Established in 2018 by Richard Blanchard, Steve Goodheart and Stewart Cox - an esteemed team with extensive experience in executive-level digital, retail e-commerce, and marketing strategy for some major retail organisations, it’s challenging the way fashion retailers make decisions on markdowns of stock to reduce leakage and enhance profit margins.

And we’re flattered they’ve chosen Datitude to help power their data insights platform!

The platform is a powerful tool for identifying trends and informing both discount pricing and future pricing strategies. It does this by providing unique data insights - including price intent and viewed and saved products – direct from consumers using the Squished Shopping App (also built by Margin Guardian).

Squished Shopping App

Squished is a multi-faceted app that enables consumers to browse, track and monitor high-street fashion items from a multitude of retailers all in one place. App users can choose to add products to a wishlist, “squish” the price to receive a price drop alert, and visit the product page to purchase directly from the retailer’s site.

Image of Margin Guardian's Data Insights Platform, powered by Datitude

It means fashion retailers can quickly and easily understand how potential customers are interacting with their offerings, the value they place on their products, and how they compare against key competitors. They can also define rules for marketing communications to target Squished users.

It’s a key tool for equipping retailers with a far more intelligent, data-driven approach for making decisions on markdowns, reducing leakage, optimising revenue, and protecting margin.

Commenting on the new client partnership, James McLaughlan, COO at Datitude said;

“Margin Guardian’s Squished Shopping App and data insights platform are super impressive, and we’re delighted they have chosen Datitude to provide the data lakehouse and advanced analytics solution for its data insights platform. Some of us have known the team at Margin Guardian for many years as our paths have often crossed and it’s been a real pleasure to work with them on this project. We’re looking forward to developing our partnership and seeing the business continue its growth journey.”

Richard Blanchard, CEO of Margin Guardian, said;

“The Margin Guardian portal aims to unearth unique retail insight for its clients. We chose to create a partnership with Datitude to underpin our retailer product so that we get maximum impact and flexibility from the off.”

If you're a fashion retailer wanting to protect and improve your margins, contact Richard at Margin Guardian directly on 07977 549318 or via To understand more about the Squished Shopping App, here's a link to the website.

You can find out how Datitude is powering Margin Guardian’s data insights on our client showcase page.


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