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If you’re serious about personalisation, “year in review” emails provide the perfect opportunity for a personalised email campaign to inspire and engage customers in a meaningful and fun way and promote your brand through social sharing.

Collage of personalised year in review emails

It’s no surprise year in review emails are increasing in popularity for this very reason. Some are so well marketed and create a real buzz (aka FOMO!), subscriber levels also increase. We’re expecting more retailers and brands to use this opportunity to share their customers’ data in ever more creative and engaging ways over the coming weeks.

So the race is on! Who’ll be the first to launch, which will be the most engaging, and most shared?

Ocado's personalised year in shopping movie

Ocado has already sent a teaser informing customers their personalised film “Your year in shopping, the movie” is on its way. We’re big fans of its year in review campaign, along with M&S (anything with Percy gets our vote!), Spotify, and Strava.

To do a year in review well, data needs to be accurate and presented in a timely, meaningful, and creative way.

There’s nothing worse than alienating loyal customers with unconnected data.

For example, if you can’t connect online and offline transaction sources and don’t have a true single customer view, think about how you position the data you do have. Similarly, if you can't get the data insights you need until well into the new year, there's a danger it'll be old news and customers just think you're late to the party.

If you need a unified view of all your data from all your channels with rich analytics and insights to drive your personalisation agenda, Datitude’s customer and retail platform is the perfect solution. It’s also a dream for marketing teams who need a laser focus on single customer view, key segmentation models, acquisition, retention, targeting, and channel performance analytics, to drive customer loyalty and profitable growth. Stop being late to the party and ask us for a demo!


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