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Bird and Blend Tea Co

Bird & Blend is leading the way as a tea mixology company and on a mission to reimagine tea. With multiple stores and a thriving international online store, they turned to Datitude to seamlessly integrate data from multiple systems to provide a unified customer view and customer analytics.







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Bird & Blend is an eco-conscious, award winning tea mixology company on a mission to reimagine tea. It’s leading the way as a tea blending specialist using magical ingredients to create wonderful flavours of loose tea and clearly doing it very well! Its recipe for success includes certified B-corp status, an awesome team, multiple retail stores, a thriving international online store and a passionate community of tea lovers.


It’s an exciting time for fast-growing Bird & Blend as it expands further. As with any fast-growing business, it is also bringing new challenges. In this case, Bird & Blend was frustrated its different systems didn’t talk to each other, and more time was being spent integrating, reconciling, and manipulating data than on actioning insights.


Bird & Blend wanted to seamlessly integrate customer, prospect, and transaction data from multiple source systems to provide a unified customer view across all data sources. In addition, it wanted subscriber data collected in-store through their store point of sale to automatically sync with their marketing automation platform to trigger events.


Datitude was chosen as one of the senior leadership team had used Datitude’s retail and customer data platform at a previous company.


Using Datitude’s integration hub, customer and transaction data automatically flows from Bird & Blend’s Shopify ecommerce system, Revel store point of sale, Klaviyo marketing automation platform, along with data from Google and Meta Ads, and GA4 data, into Datitude’s data lakehouse. Here it is de-duped, cleaned and segmented, then the meta-data is updated and streamed back to source systems. In-store subscriber events are also streamed in real-time to Klaviyo to enable marketing events to be triggered automatically.


Standard in-built API integrations were used to integrate source data, except for the Revel POS. For this, Datitude built a new integration quickly and easily using a combination of webhooks (real-time subscription events and sales) and API for synchronisation purposes to mitigate the risk of failed webhook delivery.


Customer and marketing campaign analytics are accessed through Datitude’s browser-based proprietary Application which also provides the team with rich functionality including:


Report query tools: report builder, extract tool and cohort builder


CRM tools: easy-to-use search to find any Customer or Prospect and display a true single customer view including sales and returns history, lifetime value, lifecycle and segmentation data, subscriber status, campaigns received


Realtime trading dashboard: perfect for seeing demand, orders, and site sessions in real-time, with comparisons to the same day last week or last year


Datitude’s Excel add-in: provides quick and easy access to reports already built in Datitude straight from Excel, all with a single sign on to give users confidence the data is reliable, verified and trusted.


Working with Datitude has enabled the Bird & Blend team to complete this project in just four weeks. And Datitude’s flexible and modular approach to systems integrations and data analytics means it’s simple to add new data sources and analytics modules as Bird & Blend’s requirements change.


“Having worked with Datitude in a previous company, I know they’re experts in data integration and analytics and can be trusted to deliver. So, it was only natural to ask them if they could help with this project.

Seamlessly integrating and automating data flows from multiple systems to provide a trusted, unified customer view, and customer analytics is vital for our ambitious growth plans. The Datitude team pulled out all the stops to get us up and running quickly and easily. And the solution gives us what we need now and is easy to scale in the future.

Datitude’s passion, knowledge and expertise for all things data, “can-do” and flexible approach, plus their genuine desire to help us get the most of our data has been outstanding.”



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