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How to Manage Customer Data Sources & Marketing Communication Preferences

In the modern data-driven retail environment, reliable and secure customer data management should be a given for all retailers and brands. After all, the ability to acquire, target and retain customers, improve marketing campaign effectiveness and enhance data analytics is underpinned by good data management, where compliance and security is assured.

Sadly, it’s not always the case. Just in recent weeks, there’s been a number of high-profile headlines:

Photo of British Airways plane with sign showing £20m fine from ICO
  • Klarna is to be investigated by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) following complaints individuals received marketing emails when they were not, and never had been, a Klarna customer

  • British Airways has been fined £20m by the ICO for inadequate data security, the largest penalty issued to date

  • Public Health England admitted to a significant data error as a result of using a version of Excel which limited data rows. This led to positive Covid-19 test results being left off the official daily figures and potentially thousands of infectious people being missed by contact tracers.

It’s a stark reminder how easily it can happen: robust customer data management and governance is an imperative for any customer centric business activity.

And given omnichannel is brilliant for consumer choice, it opens up many more avenues for consumers to opt-in to communications through multiple channels – in-store, online, social, direct marketing, customer contact centres, third parties, to name a few. For the retailer, or brand, it emphasises the importance of a single view of the customer across all channels (including full subscription history and GDPR compliant audit trail), and subscriber metric analytics.


So how do you untangle the spaghetti of customer data and marketing communication preferences in an omnichannel world and truly leverage subscriber data insights? That’s where Datitude can help.

Our customer and retail data platform has been meticulously designed by omnichannel retail experts. It combines data lake, systems integration and business intelligence in one managed solution, and this unleashes the most powerful customer and trading insights across multiple channels at speed, whether online, in-store or direct marketing. It’s built for retail. This means we understand not just what retail needs, but how retail works.

The latest example of this is the all-new Subscriber Centre within the CRM hub of the customer data portal. It’s been developed to enable retailers to take full advantage of omnichannel opportunities. It becomes easy to manage subscriber acquisition and changes to communication preferences, and you benefit from better visibility of marketing performance and subscriber engagement.

Subscriber Centre feature from Datitude's Customer & Retail Data Platform

One feature of the Subscriber Centre is the ability for retail teams (in-house and third party) to subscribe customers and update email and direct marketing communication preferences using the Platform’s customer data portal.

Datitude's clients are using Subscriber Centre to allow stores, concessions and customer services teams to add subscribers. Not only are costs eliminated from undelivered catalogues and emails, brand reputation is enhanced with greater customer trust and transparency.

There are now so many ways for consumers to opt-in to or out of marketing communications, Datitude’s customer and retail data platform makes life easier by integrating all this data from all those systems into the CRM hub. This is where all customer data is centralised, providing a single view of the customer and a single source of truth. Changes to communication preferences are automatically checked, validated and updated, with daily alerts if any errors are logged.

As you'd expect, we've considered data and retail requirements, as well as the user experience, and built-in the following features:

  • data assurance through inline data validation and address checking

  • bespoke business rules to avoid collecting unnecessary data whilst ensuring all records captured are usable

  • advanced data analytics with sophisticated dashboards

  • permissions functionality to give users access to just the specific features they need

  • single record and multi-record interfaces for data upload

  • auditable, GDPR-compliant logs.

The true value of the Subscriber Centre comes from having greater visibility and understanding of subscriber data. At its heart is a reporting tool which provides enhanced analytics capabilities and business intelligence on how subscribers are responding to, and engaging with, marketing campaigns and the impact of this on customer segmentation and lifetime value.

Subscriber Data Analytics Dashboard from Datitude's Customer & Retail Data Platform

With our pre-built dashboards, marketeers can quickly and easily visualise a multitude of subscriber analytics.

Subscriber Data Analytics Dashboard from Datitude's Customer & Retail Data Platform

Examples include:

  • subscriber count by type (email, catalogues and third parties) and all event sources (store point of sale, ESP, online, Subscriber Centre, etc) with week on week changes

  • opt-in and opt-out counts by type and segment

  • opt-in rates.


Additional tools for customer data management and compliance are available in the Contact Manager and Mailing Suppression modules within the CRM hub. They allow GDPR right-to-be-forgotten requests, subject access requests and marketing preference changes, all with full audit logs.

Bringing it all together, the Datitude platform ensures reliable and secure customer data management, a must-have for all retailers and brands. The ability to acquire, target and retain customers, improve marketing campaign effectiveness and enhance data analytics is underpinned by good data management, where compliance and security is assured. That's the Datitude customer and retail data platform.


If you don’t want to be the next Klarna, get in touch. We’d love to show you how we can unleash the power of your data, reliably, confidently and securely. Data by Datitude - it's what we do!


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