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Datitude is thrilled to welcome Piglet in Bed to its family of retail clients as it chooses Data by Datitude.

Image of Piglet in Bed bed linen

Piglet in Bed is an online success story with an ever-expanding range of beautiful linen that gets softer and softer with wear. Think duvet covers, sleepwear, table linens, curtains, and more…like their recently launched 100% Merino wool loungewear collection. It’s the home of natural comfort!

Like many high-growth businesses with ambitious plans, Piglet in Bed knows it needs to get maximum value from its data and has recognised the time is right for its first serious investment in a data platform and warehouse solution. This includes a master view of all its data to facilitate visualisations and easily actionable insights.

Piglet in Bed talked to several vendors and solution providers, including enterprise CDPs (customer data platforms), and was referred to Datitude by one of our clients. Naturally, we’re delighted Datitude’s solution was chosen for being the most complete solution with a comprehensive track record for delivery.

Datitude’s data integration and data lakehouse solution has quickly brought together data from Piglet in Bed’s source systems enabling the team to be up and running on the platform in little more than a few weeks. Piglet in Bed’s team now has access to integrated data from its ERP, ecommerce, performance marketing, email service provider, loyalty programme, Adwords, Facebook, and web analytics.

A two-phased approach to implementation was agreed to support the need to go live quickly with the core systems integration (for which we have standard integrations), whilst ensuring minimal risk and input from Piglet in Bed. Additional integrations aligned to Piglet in Bed’s priorities for other source data will form part of the second phase.

Users access the platform through two front ends; Tableau for a retail-focused suite of analytics out-of-the-box, and Datitude’s browser-based proprietary Application to fulfill any data analytics needs outside of a BI front end, including Datitude’s Excel Add-in.

“From what we’ve seen, there’s nothing quite like the solution Datitude offers. We’ve been really impressed with Datitude and the team so far. We loved it when they said the input needed from our side for the core systems integrations would be minimal and the guys really meant it! Serverless architecture makes things so quick and easy. It’s been brilliant and refreshing.” Jonathan Turton, Ecommerce Manager, Piglet in Bed.

Commenting on the new client partnership with Piglet in Bed, Sarah Hughes, Co-founder & Director at Datitude, said “We’re so pleased to have been selected by Piglet in Bed, and bowled over by the feedback we’ve had. It’s a delight working with the very capable Piglet in Bed team. We know our platform is the perfect solution for the team’s needs and, coupled with their energy and can-do approach, we’re looking forward to developing our relationship further to ensure they’re getting the most value out of their data.”


About Datitude

We do data! Datitude is a fast, robust, customer and retail data platform that helps businesses make sense of their data. Combining data warehouse and data lake, systems integration, and business intelligence, Datitude's platform integrates, processes and unifies your key data from multiple systems and channels, both on and offline, to unleash the most powerful customer and trading insights. Whatever the data source, we can process it.

Business intelligence, reports, and analytics are built-in and automated as standard, including visualisations and sophisticated interactive dashboards. Get a single customer view, lifetime value, segmentation analysis, product and customer loyalty analytics, device insights, and more.

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