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Datitude’s platform is a complete data solution that integrates, processes, unifies, and automates data and analytics. Combining data warehouse and data lake, systems integration and business intelligence, businesses can plug and play according to their data needs.

For your team, this means accessing analytics out-of-the-box through their favourite BI tool (whether that’s Tableau, Power BI, or Looker) or through Datitude’s browser-based proprietary Application with our “Data by Datitude” Excel Add-in connector.

An overview of Data by Datitude

Faster and more intuitive tools are key for data analytics users which is why the latest version of the Datitude Application features a superior interface for reporting and data extracts.

Using Datitude's Application for Data Analytics

To put the many, latest enhancements into context, it’s worth summarising the most loved (and powerful!) features of the Datitude Application. Whatever your needs, we’re sure to have a tool for it.

For those that need to build their own reports, the Report Builder tool is for you. It’s super easy to use and enables you to build reports from a selection of data sources, configured to be exactly fit for purpose. Once created, choose to download as PDFs or CSVs or access them from the Data by Datitude Excel Add-in, and save to your personal or public library.

What about bespoke data queries and needing to extract data on the fly? Check! The Extract Tool is the perfect tool for getting the data you need in CSV format, quickly and easily. Plus, your customer data extracts come to life with a visual heat-map of your data segments.

Want to save time by automatically receiving your go-to reports direct to your inbox? Check! It’s easy with the schedule feature. As well as receiving your reports by email at your chosen frequency and in your chosen format (PDF, CSV, or both), you can schedule them to be sent to others, including colleagues who aren't licensed users of Datitude.

Creating reports, queries, and data extracts really is as easy as ABC.

Effortlessly build, extract, save and share the data you need about your customers, prospects, and transactions, with a wealth of rich features like:

  • intuitive navigation – designed to accommodate different user styles, it’s straightforward to filter data and select the dimensions and measures you need

  • tooltips and visual cues - get clarity on any given dimension or measure and speed up the process

  • preview window and data visualisation – see your report building up (and refreshing) as you create it

  • drag and drop, and sort functionality – intuitively build and edit reports and extracts

  • search bar – brilliant if you’re not sure which dimension or measure you need, or want to find it fast

  • auto-refresh – easy to pause and switch off to suit your needs

  • automated scheduling – choose who should receive your report and when

  • choose the level of detail you require with data grouped by level (orders, order lines, or customers)

  • secure download link – rest assured your data is safe and actions auditable

  • private and public visibility settings – sharing is caring! Eliminate duplication and share your insights with those that need to know by choosing who can view, run, and edit your report.

The best bit? You spend less time pulling together unstructured data from disparate sources and more time on what really matters - adding value actioning the insights.

The CRM module is your go-to for all things customer-related and, naturally, facilitates a true single customer view. And, crucially, everyone in the business gets to use the same true view of the data. It puts an end to different results presented by different departments because data is pulled from the same source. Tools include Matchback, Contact Manager, as well as Mailing Suppression, and Subscriber Form.

The Match-Back functionality enables you to match a list of customers or orders against your database. Users find the tool incredibly useful, powerful, and timesaving, with use cases including:

  • auditing affiliate claims for customer acquisition to ensure invoices from third parties aren’t inflated or duplicated

  • finding customer contact details from a list of delayed orders so that Customer Services can proactively communicate with them.

Contact Manager has an easy-to-use search to find any Customer or Prospect in your database. It displays everything a customer has ever ordered, lifecycle and segmentation status, campaigns received, and even how they compare to your average customer. You can explore which other systems contain their data, and audit when and how they have subscribed and unsubscribed from marketing communications.

The Subscriber Form is the place to subscribe, and unsubscribe, contacts for multi-channel marketing purposes, whilst the Mailing Suppression tool enables you to suppress contacts from direct mailings. Vital tools in a privacy-first world. Managing subscribers and changes to communication preferences is a doddle, with a full subscription history and GDPR-compliant audit trail.

So What's New?

We’ve made many layout, usability, and performance improvements in the latest release, especially around the report building experience.

The Customer Value Map, which brings your segments to life, is now integrated directly into the Extract Tool. This visual heat map gives immediate and powerful insight into the numbers and types of customers and prospects in your chosen extract.

The feedback for the new Real-time Dashboard confirms how valuable our clients find it. Brilliant for seeing demand, top-selling products, and site sessions in real-time, with comparisons to the same day last week or last year.

Screenshot of the Realtime Dashboard in Datitude's Application

And we’ve made it even easier for users to get help from within the App – there’s a direct link to raise a support ticket, as well as a series of short “how to” videos.

We pride ourselves on the continuous improvement of our Application with regular updates and new features. They’re seamlessly released into our software framework with practically zero downtime – literally a couple of minutes!

Find out more about Datitude’s data solutions by giving us a call today on 020 3003 5000.


About Datitude

We do data! Datitude's customer and retail data platform enables businesses to make sense of their data. Combining data warehouse and data lake, systems integration, and business intelligence, Datitude's platform integrates, processes and unifies your key data from multiple systems and channels, both on and offline, to unleash the most powerful customer and trading insights. Whatever the data source, we can process it.

Business intelligence, reports, and analytics are built-in and automated as standard, including visualisations and sophisticated interactive dashboards. Get a single customer view, lifetime value, segmentation analysis, product and customer loyalty analytics, device insights, and more.

If you need to turn your data into valuable intelligence, insight, and action, contact us today.


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