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Image of the Excel add-in for Datitude's customer and retail data platform

Datitude has launched an Excel add-in in the Microsoft Store as it further develops its customer and retail data platform to provide retailers the tools needed to get the most value out of their data.

Excel is used extensively in business today and we recognise the importance of easy access to data using tools that people already know and love. By launching this add-in we’ve made it even simpler for users to run reports straight from Excel, avoiding the need to learn potentially complex new BI tools. Read on to find out why Excel add-ins are so important.

Datitude’s platform combines data-warehouse and data-lake, systems integrations and BI reporting in one complete solution with continuous data-model validation built in. This combined solution means your data is available reliably, securely and consistently, with easy-to-use interfaces for all users to report, understand and analyse performance.

Even with the growth of data visualisation and analytics tools, Excel continues to be widely used for reporting and analysing data in organisations. There’s an increasing array of plug-ins available for Excel; enabling teams to connect data from different sources, build data extracts on the fly and configure their own reports using Excel.

We love Excel too. It’s a wonderful, general-purpose tool and a native way to interact with CSV files. That said, when it comes to advanced data reporting and analysis, there are pitfalls that need to be considered as part of your tech stack and data analytics tools. If you want to get the most out of your data and Excel, this table summarises why we recommend using Excel as part of a fully integrated solution.

Datitude’s Excel add-in enables users to quickly and easily access reports already built in Datitude straight from Excel, all with a single sign on. By accessing reports from the Datitude platform in Excel, users can be confident the data is reliable, verified and trusted. We’ve thought of everything possible so even if a user accidentally breaks the report data, the report rebuilds and refreshes the data automatically. Data made simple by Datitude!

Gavin Wilkinson, Co-Founder and Director at Datitude said We’re really proud of this latest feature. Yet again, we’ve enhanced the portfolio of tools available within Datitude’s platform, ensuring we continue to offer the most complete solution in the marketplace. The project team, led by Rich Lowes, has worked hard to develop this simple, effective and trusted solution for Excel. It’s been incredibly well received by our clients and this is testament to Rich’s development and user experience skills.

Photo of Gavin Wilkinson, Co-founder & Director of Director, and Rich Lowes, Senior Application Developer
Gavin Wilkinson and Rich Lowes

Rich Lowes, Senior Application Developer at Datitude said It’s been a pleasure working on this project and see it develop from an exploratory prototype, through a number of iterations to its release. It’s great knowing our clients love it and are now pulling their data directly into Excel. The user experience is so important which is why we always aim to keep things as simple as possible, whilst deploying appropriate UI standards.


About Datitude

We do data! Datitude is a fast, robust, customer and retail data platform that helps retailers and consumer businesses make sense of their data. Combining data lake, systems integration and business intelligence, Datitude's platform integrates, processes and unifies your key data from multiple systems and channels, both on and offline, to unleash the most powerful customer and trading insights. Whatever the data source, we can process it. Business intelligence, reports and analytics are built in and automated as standard, including visualisations and sophisticated interactive dashboards. If you need to turn your data into valuable intelligence, insight and action, we'd love to talk.


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