What We Do

What we do

Datitude is an on-demand platform that helps multi-channel retailers make sense of their data. It turns data into valuable intelligence, insight and action. Imagine effective, easy-to-understand charts and reports, together with prioritized actions, allowing you and your team to make the right decisions to drive sales, margins and profit.

  • As a typical retailer, you probably own, manage and maintain huge volumes of data, built up over many years of trading, with new data from new channels to market adding to it fast. This data will be difficult and time-consuming to access, and its value remains elusive.
  • As a typical retailer, your team probably spends significant time producing reports and manipulating data every single week.
  • Now, you and your team can get hold of your data and use it as you need to, when you need to. Now, you and your team can spend your time driving next week’s results.
How we work together

It’s straightforward:

  • You give us access to your data sources. We can accept your data on either a batch or continuous basis.
  • We load the data into our data warehouse and knit it together.
  • We work with you to configure the views and reports. If necessary, we’ll build bespoke views and reports specifically for your business. We like to turn these around quickly!
  • You access the Platform and make it an everyday part of your working life. We’d typically expect this to happen within a week or two of us getting our hands on the data.

The Datitude Platform is already integrated with the FrescaCommerce platform, Google Analytics and Merret merchandising system, and if you use any of these, we will be able to set you up on the Datitude Platform within days. If you don’t, we’ll give you an accurate estimate of the lead-time to integrate Datitude with a new system, but our expertise in Talend and data integration means it won’t take long.

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