The Datitude Platform does three things:

  • Firstly, it integrates data from different sources, using modern “big data” technologies. The data is likely to include e-commerce, store PoS, merchandising systems, social media, customer services, web analytics. This is the intelligence;
  • Secondly, it analyses the data and translates it into highly visual reports, the insight;
  • And thirdly, it identifies meaningful, useful and prioritized actions. These are available for the appropriate business functions to review and implement. This is the action.
How it works

You and your team securely access the Platform over the internet, on demand, from head office, on the train, from your home office. Your store managers can access it in store and your fulfilment team can access it in the warehouse.

Your favourite reports can be scheduled to drop into your inbox on a regular basis, and if you’re on the move, reports are optimized for viewing on tablets too.

Big Data

Vast quantities of data are produced by modern-day, multi-channel retailing. It’s a hot topic for retailers right now because its jam-packed with valuable intelligence. Datitude believes that those retailers that get intimate with their data gain significant competitive advantage. That’s why we built the Datitude Platform.

So what is “Big Data”? It can be defined in a number of ways, but we like to use Gartner’s three-dimensional definition: “Big data are high volume, high velocity, and / or high variety information assets that require new forms of processing to enable enhanced decision making, insight discovery and process optimization.”

Data Visualisation

Organisations using data make better decisions than those based on opinion alone. We believe that organisations using data in a highly visual format make the best decisions of all. People are different, and not every individual is able to make sense of spreadsheets. The Datitude Platform takes your data and makes it easy to understand by everyone. We use a wide range of chart types, not just for fun, but because it means you can see what the data is saying. We love the way it democratizes the use of data throughout an organization.

Data Integration

Why do your data sources need to be integrated? Your data sits in different databases in different formats and that makes it frustratingly difficult to bring together. We use Talend, a powerful and flexible integration solution, proven at scale and recognized by Gartner within its Magic Quadrant for Data Integration. Talend means your data can be accessed, transformed and integrated from any business system. Talend gives us the confidence and reliability we need to deliver Datitude.